The mission and philosophy of patient care of St. Ben's Clinic is based on a particular understanding of the human person, and the recognition of each person's inherent dignity and right to quality health care.

• Human Dignity - We recognize that every human being is a unique person made in the image of God, a unity of body and soul, capable of knowledge, self-possession and freedom, and a member of the human family. Every person has an inherent dignity that is of inestimable value and is deserving of respect regardless of the person's condition in life.

• Collaboration - In ways that are consistent with its mission and identity, St. Ben's Clinic works in partnership with Health Care for the Homeless, meal programs, shelters, food pantries, treatment programs and other groups and individuals within the community

• Understanding - St. Ben's Clinic chooses to work with individuals who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, are challenged in traditional medical care settings and individuals having long term substance abuse and mental illness. This work requires a special understanding of our patients as persons with special challenges, strengths, and needs in their spiritual, physical, and emotional dimensions. We strive toward greater understanding of the patients we serve and the challenges they experience.

• Hospitality - Strengthened by the support of dedicated volunteers, we, as a Christian community, strive to extend hospitality in an atmosphere of respect for all persons.

• Quality Health Care - We recognize the importance of assuring consistency and continuity of quality health care and social services through an accessible primary care clinic and outreach services. We aim to provide high quality health care services based on best evidence and practice, and prudent stewardship of resources.

• Empowerment - We work with patients to help them to set and to achieve their health goals through the processes of advocacy and education.